My name is Dave Bricker and I have been a Waterfront activist for twenty years – over half my life. I spent 15 years living aboard and cruised over 5000 miles, about 2000 of it solo. I've had boats both in Dinner Key Marina and also in the Anchorage, and am a taxpaying Miami homeowner. The Grove Waterfront is very special to me.

I certainly have my views about the Waterfront and how it should be managed. This doesn't mean that you may not know something I don't. There are legal issues, social issues, permitting issues, deed restrictions, historical precedents and many other things that could be flaws in the best plans of any one person - myself included. If our entire community submits its best ideas and then discusses compromises and alternatives, the end-result can only be positive.

Our waterfront now has a forum through which the ideas, concerns and suggestions of the Citizens and the Government can be exchanged and debated. It is only through this public/private partnership that positive change will occur.

Let's talk about it here. This site is all about consensus and problem solving.